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A comprehensive process by which old properties can be revamped and made anew, not just visually but also functionally, is often what entails a remodel. At NGC Construction, we have the right set of skills to tackle even the most challenging remodels placed before us, including a basement remodel with ease. We are providing important details on this page that can be referred to by new clients before they decide to hire us. If they have more queries on their mind, they can reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help. We are happy to work on new remodeling projects across Norristown, PA.

Is remodeling worth the investment?

A remodel is considered the ideal way to re-purpose any given space into something more practical, and hiring the right remodeling service can provide exceptional results that last the test of time. A remodel has to be executed with perfection and intricate attention to detail to be worth the investment. On average, a remodel is also bound to increase the value of any property significantly on the open market while allowing property owners to enjoy the perks of modern amenities and lead a more luxurious lifestyle.

What are some common upgrades for kitchens?

Many property owners opt to get more functionality, better storage, and ease of access to certain amenities during their affordable kitchen remodeling projects. Adding cabinets for storage, changing the color of the walls, and adding a new backsplash are a few options that are often included in a kitchen remodel. Some clients also opt for getting new countertops, depending on their budget.

How expensive is remodeling a bathroom?

The overall costs that are affiliated with remodeling a bathroom are entirely dependent on the property owners and the level of revamping they are looking to undertake. If they are looking to add a lot more functionality including new flooring, layouts, and even some modern-era amenities, the costs would be significantly greater in comparison to basic remodels. Another factor would be the cost of hiring the right bathroom remodeling specialist as opting for cheaper alternatives can significantly reduce the quality of the results.

Are you certified and insured?

Yes. As experts in our domain, we are both certified and insured. We never fail to impress the clients that we are serving. We are skilled professionals that easily exceed the expectations of our customers.

How experienced are you in remodeling?

As trusted professionals that offer complete home renovation, we have been serving our community for over 18 years. Through this time, we have worked on numerous demanding projects and ensured that the finishes that we provided our clients were truly unmatched.

If any customers made the effort to go through this queries page, we are confident that they would be pleased with the insights they got and are going to be ready to hire us for their requirements. However, we are also more than happy to accommodate more queries that they might have for us, and urge new clients to simply reach out to NGC Construction at (610) 840-5590. Our customer service professionals are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you with more information. We are confident in our skills and have been recommended by most for remodels across Norristown, PA.

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