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Invest in a Basement Remodel to Transform Your Space

An excellent way to improve your living space and even the value of your home is basement remodel. But because electrical, plumbing, and foundation repairs are all involved, it can be a difficult project in Norristown, PA. Whether you have plans for a new game room, home theater, or even an additional bedroom, it is a good idea to hire a remodeling service professional business like NGC Construction to change that dreary and dusty storage area into a pleasant space for your family to enjoy.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Whether your objective is to increase the prospective sale value of your house or build a luxury kitchen or bathroom that will make meal preparation a dream, your investment in a residential kitchen and bathroom will pay off handsomely. You’ll require an affordable kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling specialist.
HVAC Services

HVAC Services

To keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you will need a heater and air conditioner you can rely on. Even if your home’s HVAC systems are dependable, it’s still important to have them serviced in case you want heating or air conditioning service.
Bedroom Remodeling

Bedroom Remodeling

We are well aware of how much time we spend in our bedrooms. A person should sleep for eight hours every night on average. If you give it a little more thought, that amounts to about 60 hours of sleep every week. It’s crucial that the bedroom be a welcoming and tranquil location.
Painting Service

Painting Service

Color is the easiest and most effective way to add flair to your home. A specific color stands for each viewpoint, state of mind, and decision. It could be positive, depressing, happy, or extreme. Structures can be skillfully converted into residences with the help of excellent interior and exterior painting services.
Flooring Service

Flooring Service

In order to help customers with their flooring needs, we have been working. We can update your flooring using a variety of top manufacturers and suppliers because we are experienced flooring installation contractors. We want to learn more about your flooring service and give you our honest opinion.
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Benefits of Our Service

The value of your home is raised by our finished basement, which has a good average ROI. As a result of the added usable area they provide, finished basements make a home more enticing to buyers. If you're looking to increase your income, a finished basement is a fantastic place to start. An extra bedroom with a functional bathroom and a small kitchen may be rented by tenants. We offer complete home renovation services.

Our Process of Work

Your basement is filled with alternatives. Don't allow this space to be deserted! With the help of the basement remodel experts at NGC Construction, many homeowners have effectively added a room to their homes by finishing their basements. We like turning our customer ideas or aspirations into reality. If you need assistance deciding what to do with your basement, we would be happy to provide advice.

Our Workplace

Would you be interested in learning more about any reasonably priced home remodeling services my business might provide if you reside in Norristown, PA? Do not panic. You can interact and communicate with any number of consumers. We are also pleased to extend the following sectors a warm invitation to utilize our unique skills and talents:

  • West Norriton Township, PA;
  • Upper Merion Township, PA;
  • Lower Providence Township, PA;
  • Audubon, PA;
  • Villanova, PA;

Even if, as we’ve already discussed, many basement remodeling-related worries are inevitable, picking the appropriate builder will help you save time. You can reach us at (610) 840-5590.

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by Tommy Flowers on NGC Construction
Awesome Services!

If you're in need of a remodeling service company that can deliver exceptional quality workmanship and top-notch service, similar to this company, look no further. I recently worked with them on a multiple rooms renovation project, and I was impressed with their expertise and commitment to delivering quality workmanship.

Construction Service
Construction Service

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